Hematite Healing Bracelet

Alternative therapies may relieve pain, promote healing, and enhance self-growth.
  • This mirror-bright, silver hematite bracelet has Beauty with Benefits:
    • Helps restore balanceimprove oxygen and blood circulation
    • Helps stimulate natural healing processes in your body
    • Helps regulate blood flow, increase calories burned, and relieve headaches
    • Helps relieve cramps, spinal problems and bone fractures
    • Helps blood pressure disorders and kidney problems
  • Hematite can balance and activate your root chakra
  • Metaphysical properties include:
    • Brings inner peace, and dissolves negativity
    • Helps thoughts become focused, balanced and clear
    • Improves communication and self-esteem
    • Balances energies between mind, body and spirit
    • Creates harmony within and around you
          This information is not meant to replace professional advice.

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      Metal Color
      a Large Green Beads with Hematite
      b One White Bead with Hematite
      c Iridescent Hematite Beads
      d Double Bracelet with Iridescent Beads
      e Small Blue Beads with Hematite
      f Large Red Beads with Hematite
      g Small Red Beads with Hematite
      h Double Bracelet with Tiger Eye Beads
      i Pink Beads with Iridescent Hematite
      j Round Hematite Beads
      k Iridescent Beads with Hematite
      m Gold-Silver Beads with Hematite
      n Striped Blue Beads with Hematite
      o Green Bead with Rhinestones and Hematite
      p Moon-like Stones with Hematite
      q Small Green Beads with Hematite
      r Striped Purple Beads with Hematite

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