2 Zero Point Energy Wands

  • Supports health and well-being
  • Produces >1500 negative ions: science confirms these healing benefits
  • Balances the body's chi (life energy) and facilitates self-healing
  • Strengthens immune and nervous systems and re-energizes cells 
  • May improve sleep patterns
  • Improves chi when worn, carried or placed under your bed
  • Rejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids – stir the wand clockwise in, or over, any beverage to create the same resonance found in the world’s natural healing springs. It makes all beverages taste better and more velvety. Try it on wine, or spirits, juice or water and see for yourself  😊
  • Neutralize harmful elements (energetically) in food and drinks
  • Enjoy tastier and fresher food when placed in the fridge
  • Unblocks energy pathways in you, your pets and plants 
  • Supplements energy deficiencies in pets and plants
  • Energizes creams and oils for better absorption of nutrients
  • Lessens, and may relieve, pain by pointing (or lightly touching) the wand over the affected area and rotating the wand in a circular motion
  • Rejuvenates skin when used on your face, or wounds
  • You receive 2 silver-colored Zero Point Wands and 2 brown leather pouches each containing 11 natural minerals and crystals fused and bonded
  • Length of each Zero Point wand: 14.5cm (5.7 inches)
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