Powerful Bracelets

  • Stackable 4-pc bracelets match your style with your mood or goal
  • Charms represent:
    • Saint Christopher medal is worn as an appeal to this patron saint of travelers 
    • Feathers represent freedom, transcendence and communication with spiritual realms
    • Hand of Fatima, or Hamsa, is a symbol of protection
    • Evil Eye is meant to reflect 'the evil look'
    • Angel Wing symbolize honor, good faith and guardianship
    • Fish symbolize abundance and faith
    • Anchors represent hope, stability and strength
    • Pyramids are an outer symbolism of man's inner quest
    • Braids represent determination and an orderly way of thinking
    • Compass symbolizes our spiritual or higher nature
    • Ship's wheel is a symbol of victory achieving goals and superiority
  • Choose 4-pc sets to mix and match leather, hemp and bead combos
  • Versatile bracelets are worn individually, stacked, or paired with watches and other accessories 
  • Easy to wear bracelets are either elastic or pull-cord adjustable 
  • Braided leather, assorted cord types, woven hemp, wooden-glass-metal beads make your unique fashion statement and support self-growth
  • These bracelets are handcrafted and may have varying color shades                                                                

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