Tibetan Healing Sandalwood Incense

Tibetan Healing Incense and is manufactured as prescribed in ancient Buddhist Medical Tantric texts and in complete accordance with ancient and traditional Tibetan formulation procedures.
  • Healing incense 

    used for many centuries in traditional Tibetan and Eastern medicine
  • Contains 72 kinds of natural spices with Tibet's unique aroma
  • Sandalwood incense is known to help:
    •  relieve anxiety
    •  improve sleep
    •  lower blood pressure
    •  heal wounds
    •  act as a natural air freshener
    •  promote a soothing meditation
  • Non-toxic, non-addictive, no artificial fragrance, no animal extracts
  • 100% natural aromatic botanicals
  • Incense sticks approx. 17/pkg, 22cm long, diameter 3mm

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