Healing Chakra Bracelet

  • Ground yourself in health and fashion - BE A BETTER YOU!
  • Blocks feelings of loneliness and promotes good sleep
  • Builds confidence and security
  • Heal from your heart with energies for each of your primary chakras
  • Provides balance for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health
  • A heart charm or lotus flower, compliments some of these bracelets
  • Chakra stones vibrate your health and wellness
  • Beads are 10mm each

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Note:  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

    Metal Color
    #1 with Heart Charm
    #2 with Black Smooth Beads
    #3 with Black Lava Beads
    #4 with Lotus Charm & Beads Both Sides
    #5 with Lotus Charm
    #6 with 3 Beads for Each Chakra
    #7 with 3 Chakra Sequences
    #8 with White Beads
    #9 with Hand of Fatima Charm

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